Why We Have Pest Control



Pest control is a service that is required for all different reasons, but as a whole, it is down to infestation of unwelcome rodents and insects on your property. This can happen in your home or workplace and it causes complete havoc when it occurs. 

The top three most common call outs for pest control involve rats, mice and wasps. Having any of these residing in your home or workplace is dangerous and we urge you to contact pest control services such as ourselves as soon as you are alerted to the problem. This will allow us to get it resolved quickly and keep your property safe and prevent the infestation becoming worse and more risky.


It lessens the risk of disease spreading

It goes without saying that having rodents, insects and flies inside your property is very unhygienic. These pests carry diseases, and so your property and belongings can become contaminated if you have an infestation, and this has risk of the disease spreading. Animals like rats and mice often have parasites, which can be damaging to your health if you come into contact with them. Therefore, at the first sign of any encounter with pests, you should contact pest control immediately in order to get your property cleared and safe from any potential threat of disease and contamination.


Pests cause damage

Pests have their name for a reason. They are known for causing damage wherever they go. Not only do they carry diseases and parasites, but they also tend to destroy anything around them. Whether it is a family home or commercial business building, pests will cause havoc and sometimes severe damage that can actually be dangerous to the building and those in it. For example, they may chew through wires and electrics, and naw on the structure around them. If you have rodents chewing through electrics and pipes, it can result in fires, which is incredibly dangerous and harmful.


To save a reputation

On a more personal level, people tend to feel embarrassed if they have an infestation in their home. In some ways, it is perceived as dirty and unhygienic, so getting the infestation sorted and resolved as soon as possible is very important. On the other hand, it is often very harmful to the reputation of businesses if there is an infestation on the property. News of the infestation can spread and deter customers from using the business in future. Furthermore, if it is a company that involves food, this will get a lot of negative attention and it is often difficult to build the trust back up again as people will be put off and not want to buy food from there again.


Prevent damage

As we briefly mentioned, pests are notorious for causing damage. This pretty much applies to anything around the area with the infestation. For example, they might chew through wires and pipes, or the structure of the building, or even just the items or products within their reach. Depending on the location or whether the infestation takes place in a home or business property, pests can cause damage to things like food, stock, and personal belongings. 

If you are worried about an infestation on your property, please get in touch with us via our contact page ASAP and we will be on hand to provide our pest control services and have the problem resolved for you.