How to Deal with Pests During Covid 19



With a reduction of collection services during the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in pest problems. When rubbish bags are left to fester, this tends to attract pests, and so we encourage people to be wary of this and try to have minimal rubbish lying around as to prevent pest problems. Pests like to feed on leftover food, which not only creates an inconvenience and a nuisance, but also a health hazard. 

We want people to be wary of this during Covid 19, and so we thought we would give you some tips on how to deal with pests during the pandemic, such as how to minimise the risk of attracting them and what to do if you notice you have a pest problem. 


Don’t leave rubbish or food lying around

The biggest cause of pest problems at the moment is due to uncollected rubbish bags lying around to fester. Although it can be difficult to prevent this as there is nowhere to dispose of the rubbish, minimising the amounts lying around and ensuring that leftover food isn’t accessible is the best way you can reduce the risk of pest problems. Furthermore, you should also ensure that bin lids are fully closed to prevent access for pests.

Creating this sort of environment with easy access to food can allow pests, particularly rats, to reproduce at a fast pace. As a result, your pest problem will become bigger and also put you at more risk. Therefore, minimising the amount of waste and leftover food you have lying around is important in order to prevent this.


Minimise food odours

Ultimately, food odours are what attracts pests. Therefore, keeping any food odours to a minimum is a good way to prevent pest problems. You can do this by keeping leftover food away from direct sunlight, as to stop the odours from becoming stronger, and you should also wrap up food in containers or cling film before disposing of it. Otherwise, the food is loose and more easily accessible to pests. 


Avoid contact

If you do happen to get a pest problem at your home, you should completely avoid any sort of contact. Pests can carry harmful diseases, which can be passed on to you. For example, rats in particular are notorious for carrying all kinds of diseases, and this can be spread through their urine. Because of this, you should steer clear and not attempt to help the problem yourself in any way. 


Contact pest control straight away

Due to the heightened risk and amount of pest problems at the moment with Covid 19, pest control teams are working hard to keep you safe. These people are qualified specialists trained in handling pest problems and removing them safely. So, as soon as you notice you have a pest problem, you should contact pest control companies such as ourselves to come and clear your property and ensure your safety. 

Only a qualified pest control specialist should remove pests and tackle the problem. As we mentioned, some species carry diseases that are harmful and can be passed onto humans, so the safest thing to do is to leave it to the professionals. Emergency work is still being carried out so that we can keep you and your property safe and clear of pest infestations.