How to Prevent the Most Common Rabbit Problems



Here at Hunts Pest Control, we provide a rabbit control service that is put in place to stop common rabbit problems. These problems can cause havoc to agricultural and commercial premises. Our services cover all of East Anglia and the East Midlands and with many years of experience, we know how to combat the most common and troublesome problems caused by rabbits. 

Rabbits are considered to be one of the major pests here in the UK. When in large numbers, they can cause serious damage, and we wanted to offer some advice on what the most common rabbit problems are and how to prevent them…


Maintaining crops

When rabbits are in large groups, they can completely destroy crops. Combinable crops are an essential part of farming and this can be incredibly disruptive, particularly for business owners as this has negative and serious repercussions. Therefore, rabbit control is extremely important as it helps to protect crops and businesses. 

As rabbits reproduce at such a fast rate and in large numbers, this problem can get seriously out of hand without rabbit control. The more rabbits that congregate, the more harm that will be done to your crops. Therefore, we advise getting a professional pest control service to combat this and help maintain the healthy growth of your crops and upkeep of your business. 


Damage to private and public land

Rabbits go wherever they please. This could be a private garden, or a public area such as a park, golf course or playing field. Wherever they go, they can cause a lot of disruption, which can have poor consequences for you and potentially your business. Damage to amenity grass areas can take a long time to recover, and if this is a public space such as a golf course, it might be off putting for visitors. 

Rabbit control measures can safely and humanely remove rabbits or put things in place to stop them from gaining access to these spaces. For example, you can have fences built that are rabbit proof and prevent them from getting in.


Burrowing and ground weakening

When rabbits start to burrow, this can cause weakening to the surrounding land. Tunneling causes the ground to become less stable and therefore dangerous. Furthermore, as the soil starts to erode from this, a result can also be that vegetation suffers and is unable to grow properly. 

Rabbits like to burrow underground and all of the continuous digging and burrowing can really damage the ground and become disruptive. This is something that is difficult to prevent, but if you notice this in your area, you can contact rabbit control services like ourselves to safely remove the rabbits or put measures in place, such as netting, to stop them from gathering in that area.

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about rabbit control, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.