Is Summer the Most Common Time for Getting Pests?

kj east19

kj east19

With summer just around the corner, we know a lot of people assume that this is the worst time of the year for getting pests. In some ways, this is correct as we do often see a spike in pest control demand during the warmer months. This is partly because summertime tends to be when these types of wildlife instinctively reproduce, and also because they often leave their habitat to embark on a search for food. As a result of this, it is common for homeowners and commercial or forestry clients to experience a congregation of pests at their property. 


Pests are influenced by seasons

As seasons shift, so does the behaviour and instincts in pests. At certain times of the year when the weather differs, they tend to exhibit different behaviours and patterns of activity. This means that the threat and likelihood of pests invading your property shifts as the seasons change. For example, when it gets to spring and the temperature rises, we start seeing a lot more wasps and bees, which can become a big pest problem if you get a wasp nest or beehive on your property. Furthermore, spring is when mating season starts, so the volume of these insects and pests increases. 

Ultimately, warmer weather brings more wildlife out of their habitat. This means that during spring and summer when the temperature is higher, you will typically see a lot more of these animals around. So, the main issue with pest control in summer, is just that there is a much higher volume of these insects and pests. However, it is common for pest control businesses such as ourselves to find that during summer, there are a higher percentage of pest problems on the exterior of the property as opposed to the inside. 

During autumn and winter when the temperature drops, you will find that wildlife seeks shelter inside buildings. This could be in your home or in a commercial building. Due to the worse weather, pests spend less time outdoors and instead find places to build a habitat, which is unfortunately inside places they shouldn’t be a lot of the time!


How to tell if you have a pest problem

Signs of a pest problem are usually quite apparent, as they are obvious changes and unusual sights. This could be as simple as seeing a large volume of ants, which could indicate you have an insect problem and need pest control to sort it out. Other signs and indications include droppings, as well as nesting.

Furthermore, depending on what species the pests are that are invading your home, agricultural or commercial property, you may actually notice damage to the structure of the place, or belongings that you have. Pests are notorious for causing damage, and so as soon as you notice any of these signs you should contact pest control immediately to prevent the problem from becoming any worse.